Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria

2-1-1 Bay Area Database of Community Resources

The inclusion of a program or service in the database does not imply endorsement of the quality of those services. Exclusion does not reflect on any organization’s contribution to the community.

In order to be listed in the 2-1-1 Bay Area database, agencies must provide a contact person, phone number, and address for administrative purposes. This information can be unlisted.

Agencies and programs must also provide an easy-to-reach method of contact for the public (toll-free telephone or FAX number, accessible walk-in location, active e-mail, etc.) and have an accessible contact person to provide a timely response to public inquiries about their services.


  • Federal, state, or local government offices providing a health and/or human care service.
  • Organizations which offer a service to the community at large, not just to their own members (e.g., civic groups, churches, social clubs, etc.).
  • Organizations which provide a unique community service that is unavailable in the nonprofit sector, or whose services are available at no charge or on a sliding scale.
  • Public or private non-profit housing providers that offer subsidized, or below- market rentals, or financial assistance for home buying to low income families.
  • Self-help support groups available through a nonprofit organization at no fee.
  • Public agencies providing a unique human service to the community (e.g., SMUD).
  • Non-profit or government agencies that provide the public with free information about, referral to, or assistance with community health and human services.
  • Professional organizations which provide free public service (e.g., professional referral services).
  • Special community service components of clubs or special interest groups (e.g., Lions Club, Soroptomists, Rotary).
  • School districts, colleges, and universities. Special services offered by school systems.
  • Special service units at hospitals (e.g., drugs/alcohol treatment, burn units).
  • State Licensed Facilities listing for nursing homes and child care day centers (which may or may not be nonprofit).
  • Organizations under contract with a government agency to provide community-based health or human services.
  • For-profit or nonprofit organizations that provide free or reduced-cost services (not introductory offers) that help bridge the digital divide, including communication services (Internet, telephone, and broadcast media access) and electronic devices.


  • For-profit organizations or individual/private practitioners or professionals (e.g., attorneys, counselors, therapists, private physicians, etc.).
  • Individuals that operate door-to-door for-profit businesses or provides services in their private home (e.g., beauty care, companionships, personal advisors or helpers, financial planners, etc.).
  • Organizations that serve only members of a certain group or club (i.e., services available only to members of a particular church or faith).
  • Private or for-profit agencies or groups that incur a cost for information (e.g., toll calls, membership dues, access or finder’s fees, service charges).
  • Agencies or groups that misrepresent their services in any way. Agencies or groups that deny services on the basis of color, race, religion, sexual preference, or nationality. Agencies or groups whose service is illegal.
  • Agencies or groups whose contact method or process are consistently difficult to use or fails to provide timely response to requesters.
  • Agencies or groups whose services cannot be verified or who do not respond to requests for an annual review and update of their information.
  • Agencies or groups whose provided services are relatively new (i.e., less than six months).
  • Agencies or groups who have credible or serious complaints registered against them about their service. Agencies or service providers who lack, or were revoked of, a required license or permit to provide a listed service. Online resource WebPages or displays that link to offers that incur hidden fees, or are damaging, misleading, offensive, controversial, biased, or leads to illegal activity.